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Special Paper Making Machine

Shandong Xinhe covers all aspects of the development and production of energy-saving and environmentally friendly paper-making machinery and core key components, with all key processes using automated batch production equipment.
  • Commodity name: Special Paper Making Machine
  • Specialty paper machine is a kind of machine specialized in producing specialty paper. Specialty paper refers to paper with special purpose or special performance, such as waterproof paper, fireproof paper, electronic label paper and so on. Specialty paper machine adopts advanced production process and technology, which can produce high quality specialty paper according to different needs and requirements.

    Specialty paper machine usually consists of paper feeding system, pulp preparation system, paper molding system, paper drying system and paper winding system. In the production process, the pulp is mixed, screened, dewatered and other steps, then molded and dried, and finally the paper is completed through the winding system.

    Specialty paper machine is characterized by high production efficiency, good paper quality and simple operation. It can meet the needs of different industries for specialty paper and is widely used in packaging, printing, construction, electronics and other fields.

    With the continuous progress of science and technology, the specialty paper machine is also constantly innovating and developing to meet the market's continuous demand for specialty paper. The emergence of specialty paper machine provides reliable equipment guarantee for the production of specialty paper and promotes the development of specialty paper industry.

    In March 2012, it signed a cooperation agreement with the world-renowned paper machine manufacturer Koma, Italy. In October 2013, the construction of the steel Yankee dryer production base began. The trial production started at the end of June 2014. The production line absorbed and borrowed from the world’s advanced technology, It has overcome many problems in energy saving, low carbon, environmental protection, high yield, high quality and other aspects in the papermaking field. It is currently a domestic steel Yankee dryer production base with multiple patented technologies. The steel Yankee dryer produced by the company is still domestically developed and produced independently. The commissioning of this project will fill the domestic gap and produce extensive social and economic benefits.

    At present, the speed of the company's research and development of high-speed toilet paper machine has reached 1700m/min, and its energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics have been praised by relevant experts and users.

    Shandong Xinhe covers all links in the development and production of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly papermaking machinery and core key components. The key processes are all automated batch production equipment, and the advanced level is in the international advanced position.






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